Dorota Jedryszka

Cranial Osteopathy

Back in Balance through Cranial Osteopathy

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy for Adults and Babies provides support with overcoming pain or discomfort caused by birth strains in babies, new, old or chronic injuries / stress in adults.

Cranial therapy strongly engages the nervous system to balance through nourishment form cerebrospinal fluid, which causes the whole body to unwind stress forces residual in tissues and promote homeostasis. Strong homeostasis is a main key to stay healthy and happy.

About me

My interest in the human body started in my childhood when, with passion, I viewed pictures of the human body in medical encyclopedias and read books about natural nutrient benefits and how to maintain good health.

But it was only many years later when I came across Osteopathy, first as a patient, that I decided that it was the career for me. In the meantime I was gaining life experience as a Registered Nurse and Craniosacral therapy practitioner.

I qualified from the European School of Osteopathy where I completed a 4 year Master’s degree in Osteopathy. I use a holistic approach to treatment, caring for/approaching each patient as an individual and tailoring each treatment and management plan. I am a member of the research team at Baby Check Bath at Stillpoint.

Being keen on the idea of longevity in good health and the powers of the body to naturally self heal through regeneration and rejuvenation, I have developed a particular interest in Cranial and Functional Osteopathy where we use the body’s vital forces to overcome dysfunction and realign the body according to its blueprint of health.

I am also a big advocate of mindfulness meditation as a response to the ever increasing stress of daily life and this influences my approach to treatment.

I have the pleasure of treating patients of all ages from 5 days old to the elderly, all of whom are experiencing a wide range of complaints/issues. Through a deep sense of curiosity and an understanding of individual needs I help people to live healthier and fuller lives and this is what I strive for every day.